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Money, Money, Money!

Isn't it strange how it ends up costing you money even when you want to sell something. Take selling a car for instance. Yes, the internet is a wonderful tool for selling a used car. But, you will need to use a service in order to sell your car and that is where the cost to yourself is incurred. Companies spend a lot of money building websites to provide services and they do so with the intention of making a profit by charging people to use the service.

The Good Things in Life Are Free!

We Buy Cars is a free service for people selling a used car. So, if you are thinking I want to sell my car for free then you are on the right website. We Buy Cars is also a service and we need to make money from it in order to continue providing this service. The big difference with our website is that we charge the buyers to subscribe to the site and therefore we are able to offer the service to sellers free of charge.

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Sell your car for free

Please read the instructions below or read our How It Works page for more details.

Step 1 - Enter your car reg

Enter your car registration into the box above. We will then ask for your email address, postcode and the mileage of your car.

Step 2 - Find a buyer

We will match your details with buyers who are interested in buying your make and model of car. All of our buyers are professionals from the auto trade.

Step 3 - Receive offers!

You can choose to contact buyers directly without sending them your contact details, or you can use the We Buy Cars website to automatically alert buyers to your car and your contact details.