How It Works

Selling a used car is easy...right?

Well yes it is if you are prepared to give it away for substantially less than what it is worth. If that is the case then there are plenty of ways that you can sell the car. Just go onto Google and type in 'sell my car' and you will be presented with a lot of websites offering to buy your car. Most of these websites are run buy one company or car dealership who are looking to buy used cars direct from the general public. You will probably need to submit your details to quite a few of these websites in order to be able to compare the different offers you receive for your car. Some of the websites may not even bother to respond to you if your car doesn't match their buying criteria.

The majority of the search results that you get back from Google will be national. So, you may find a promising looking website that offers to buy any type of car. You decide to fill in the form and enter all of your car details and your personal contact details. What you don't realise is that the website is run by a car dealership based in Southampton and you live in Sheffield. The website states that they will buy and collect cars from anywhere in the UK, so you don't think that location is too much of a problem. Unfortunately, a situation such as this means that this particular website will probably offer you substantially less for your car than a buyer based in, or around your home town. This is because when any potential buyer from the auto trade values, or makes an offer for a used car they will always factor in the cost of their time, travel, and relocating the vehicle after they have made the purchase.

'We Buy Cars' works differently!

The 'We Buy Cars' website offers a service for members of the public looking to sell a used car, as well as professional buyers from the auto trade looking to make purchases. We believe that our website is an ideal platform for both sellers and buyers of used cars because:

  • We match up sellers with buyers by make and model of vehicle
  • We take location into consideration by showing the distance between buyers and sellers.
  • Our database contains hundreds of buyers from the auto trade from all over the UK.
  • Selling your car to a professional buyer from the auto trade is the safest and easiest way to sell your car.
  • Sellers can use one website to receive and compare multiple offers for their car.
I don't want Arthur Daley hassling me to buy my car!

The great thing about the 'We Buy Cars' website is that the seller has control over how they receive offers from the interested buyers. As a seller you can contact buyers directly if you would prefer to not let them have any of your contact details. Here's how the process works:

  • Enter your vehicle reg, email address, postcode and vehicle mileage into the 'We Buy Cars' website.
  • We search our database of buyers from the auto trade to find the ones that are specifically interested in purchasing your make and model of car.
  • We show you a list of potentially interested buyers including their contact details and location.
  • You choose whether to contact the buyers directly yourself, or let 'We Buy Cars' automatically alert the buyers by sending them your vehicle and contact details.

We are very selective about the buyers that subscribe to the 'We Buy Cars' website and only allow registered members of the auto trade to use our service.

Sell your car for free

Please read the instructions below or read our How It Works page for more details.

Step 1 - Enter your car reg

Enter your car registration into the box above. We will then ask for your email address, postcode and the mileage of your car.

Step 2 - Find a buyer

We will match your details with buyers who are interested in buying your make and model of car. All of our buyers are professionals from the auto trade.

Step 3 - Receive offers!

You can choose to contact buyers directly without sending them your contact details, or you can use the We Buy Cars website to automatically alert buyers to your car and your contact details.